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The last month or so I’ve been replacing my Ubiquity Unifi switches. It’s part of a complete network rebuild — more posts will follow…

Four years ago; when I first got into the Unifi system, I loved the single pane of glass admin interface. But now I feel that the interface is too glossed over, prioritizing looks over function. The new Unifi controller UI is just terrible…

I like networking, it’s one of my hobbies. I want VLANs to be named VLANs, not network isolation.

I broke up with the #unifi USG a long time ago, now I'm breaking up with the switches. Still love the Wi-Fi though, and the EdgeRouter.
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One of the first Unifi devices I got was a USG, but I quickly realized that wasn’t up to the task — and sold it. As Tom from Lawrence Systems once said:

Sounds really compelling until you have to use it. —

I replaced it with OPNsense. After having some issues I replaced that with the EdgeRouter 4, which I’ve been using for about two years. I still think it’s a solid device.

But going down the MikroTik road, I wanted something new 🙂 I ended up getting a used CCR1009-7G-1C-1S for a reasonable price. RouterOS is amazing! More posts on configuring this thing in the future 🙂


Now I’ve replaced all my Unifi switches.

I’m running SwOs on all switches. I simply see no need for RouterOS on a switch, SwOs is simple and to the point.

CSS326-24G-2S+RM on desk

Port flapping

I was initially worried about port flapping on the CRS317, after reading this forum thread.

I asked qwertyoruiop on Twitter and got a reassuring response:

Twitter response from qwertyoruiop

To date I’ve had no issues with port flapping on the CRS317, running SwOs 2.13. I have seen the problem on two, of four, SPF+ ports on the CRS328. But I’m only using one SPF+ port, so I’m not affected by that.

SFP+ modules

My Ubiquity SFP+ modules (UF-MM-10G) works perfectly in the MikroTik switches.

I’ve also ordered some S+85DLC03D SFP+ modules, and S+DA0001 DAC cables of eBay.

Closing thoughts

Was it a good decision? Yes — I think it was. I’m more hands on configuring the switches, they boot up within a few seconds and all changes are instant.

Replacing the two US-8-60W on my desk with CSS326; I have a 10 GbE uplink, and more ports available 🙂

I didn’t need the 48 ports I had on the US-48, I only got that switch because of the two SFP+ ports. But that switch with PoE is incredibly expensive and noisy, which is why I had the US-16-150W. With the MikroTik CRS328 I have enough Ethernet ports, PoE and SFP+ ports 😃

I was able to recover the cost of all the new MikroTik switches; by selling my Unifi switches. There’s a good second hand market for Unifi stuff.

What’s next?

I need to mount the desktop switch to the wall, and properly install the fiber going to it. The CRS317 is still on top of the rack, that needs to be mounted where the 16-XG was. And some cable management is needed 🙂

There will be lots of changes to my network setup going forward;

  • ISP fiber straight into the CCR1009
  • Homelab behind VyOS, with route sharing between the two routers
  • More VLAN segregation

I’ll try to best to document the progress 🖖


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