A few Wi-Fi improvements

After my Wi-Fi mapping adventure — I found a few spots with low Wi-Fi signal. Both kids’ rooms on the 2nd floor only had mediocre signal, at -67 and -68 dBm 2.4 GHz, and the side garden had -71 dBm — which is terrible!

I also discovered that Mona’s side of the bed had much worse Wi-Fi signal than my side. This was because I had a clear line of sight to the UAP-AC-IW in the den, but the signal to Mona’s side had to go through a wall and her wardrobe…

Simply not acceptable, something had to be done!

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Downgrading Unifi APs from 5.43.43 to 4.3.28

Shortly after I upgraded my Unifi access points from 4.3.28 to 5.43.43; I started getting timeout issues. Not all devices, but some; the Raspberry Pi driving our DAKboard, and both our Netatmo air quality sensors.

It took me a while to understand what was happening, and I didn’t immediately relate it to the firmware upgrade.

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Mapping the Wi-Fi coverage in my house and garden

I walked around my house, and garden — measuring the Wi-Fi signal. Here are the results 👇

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Replacing Unifi switches with MikroTik

The last month or so I’ve been replacing my Ubiquity Unifi switches. It’s part of a complete network rebuild — more posts will follow…

Four years ago; when I first got into the Unifi system, I loved the single pane of glass admin interface. But now I feel that the interface is too glossed over, prioritizing looks over function. The new Unifi controller UI is just terrible…

I like networking, it’s one of my hobbies. I want VLANs to be named VLANs, not network isolation.

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My home Ethernet wiring

Home network, screen shot from the Unifi controller

When we bought our house last year; it had lots of coax and telephone outlets, with conduit in the wall connecting them. I have no use for these outlets, but the wall boxes and conduits can be repurposed for Ethernet cables 🙂

All Ethernet cables goes to the patch panel in my home office.

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