We got married!

Mona and I got married in January 😃 We had a small civil ceremony — and dinner with our kids, parents, best man, and maid of honor.

Afterwards we were driven to Plaza Hotel in Oslo, where we spent the weekend ❤️

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Adding support for multiple series per post — in Hugo

I’ve previously implemented a series taxonomy in Hugo, but it only supported a single series per post and used intersect which is kind of slow.

Here is my improved implementation of a series taxonomy in Hugo 👇

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Running CAT6 to the twins’ rooms — inside interior wall

We recently moved the twins into their own bedrooms, after sharing a room for nine years — it was finally time for some privacy 🙂

With their own rooms; they also got their own computers — a life long dream 😉 Those computers needs network, proper network, not Wi-Fi.

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Raspberry Pi security alarm — the basics

In November last year — I started building a DIY security alarm system, using a Raspberry Pi as the controller. My plan was to make a self-sustained system, using proper alarm hardware — like PIR sensors and sirens.

Integration with Home Assistant would be an add-on, not a requirement. I wanted the system to be as redundant and fault-tolerant as I could make it.

This is a pretty long story, with some twists and turns — let’s get into it 👇

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Pulling CAT6 cable in existing conduit

We recently put up a wall in our previous family/play room — to make another bedroom, with a hallway outside. I might want an access point in that hallway at some point.

So I repurposed a telephone outlet and conduit, to run a CAT6 cable from the hallway down to the patch panel in the basement.

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