I like computers and electronics — here is what I have going on at the moment, and some links to my electronics and computing projects.


Improve Wi-Fi coverage
I'm taking steps to improve a few Wi-Fi coverage issues I discovered in my Wi-Fi mapping test.
Organizing my tools
My tool are everywhere, and nowhere. Hoping a tool trolley can fix that.
Virtual VyOS router
Build a virtual VyOS router, with a dual SFP+ card. Then replace my EdgeRouter.
DIY alarm system
I'm making my own alarm system with Home Assistant, Zigbee, and some wired stuff.
Network to the 2nd floor den
Running CAT6 cables from the attic patch panel to our 2nd floor den.
Network run to the attic
Getting a conduit from the basement, to the attic — so I can run Ethernet and fiber.
Home network V2
I'm doing some big changes to my home network infrastructure.

Last completed

Control relays for balanced ventilation (2021-11-21)
I'm making some Wi-Fi controlled relays for controlling the balanced ventilation
Balanced ventilation in Home Assistant (2021-11-15)
I'm working on interfacing and automating my balanced ventilation in Home Assistant
Balanced ventilation (2021-11-07)
We are getting a balanced ventilation system installed!




    Python3 library for the PowerWalker PDU RC16 and ATS devices.
    Something something pastebin, URL-shortener, and file dump.