I like computers and electronics — here is what I have going on at the moment, and some links to my electronics, homelab, and computer projects.


  • Try using NetBox
    • I'm going to try to use NetBox to document everything; the rack, servers, network runs, switches — everything.
  • Improve Wi-Fi coverage
    • I'm taking steps to improve a few Wi-Fi coverage issues I discovered in my Wi-Fi mapping test.
  • Virtual VyOS router
    • Build a virtual VyOS router, with a dual SFP+ card. Then replace my EdgeRouter.
  • DIY alarm system
    • I'm making my own alarm system with Home Assistant, Zigbee, and some wired stuff.
  • Network to the 2nd floor den
    • Running CAT6 cables from the attic patch panel to our 2nd floor den.
  • Home network V2
    • I'm doing some big changes to my home network infrastructure.

Last completed





  • powerwalker-python-lib
    • Python3 library for the PowerWalker PDU RC16 and ATS devices.
  • xpb
    • Something something pastebin, URL-shortener, and file dump.