This post is part of the Home network v2 series.

Last year — I wrote about plans for my home network, or home network v2, as I called it. Let’s take a look at what I have done, what remains, and what has changed since then.

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Replace EdgeRouter with MikroTik CCR1009

I decided to use a virtual VyOS instance instead of the CCR1009, but then had some problems and downtime with the nightly VyOS builds. So I started testing a virtual CHR (a RouterOS version intended for running as a virtual machine) — which I am currently using, and very happy with 🙂

My EdgeRouter still sits between the CHR and my local network, but I am slowly migrating everything to the CHR 🙂

T P - L i I n S k P S M M C 2 f 2 i 0 b L e r C H R E d g e R o u t e r U s e r
  • Set up a virtual VyOS router
    • Move homelab into own LAB net, behind the VyOS
    • Share routes between VyOS and RouterOS using OSPF
    • Move WireGuard server from container into VyOS

My current plan is to set up another virtual instance of CHR, intended for inter-VLAN traffic — and share routes between the two CHR instances. I have started testing WireGuard server on my edge CHR, and it seems to working well 👍

  • Set up client, or consumer, network
    • Move all “regular” devices to this network (phones, laptops, IoT, etc)

This is done 😎

  • Make management network
    • Move access points, switches, UPS, etc to this network
    • Bind SSH on all servers to this network
    • Servers with fiber will also be connected to this network with Ethernet
    • Properly configure RSTP on all switches

Not done, but the plan is the same — for now.

  • Make guest network, Wi-Fi basically
  • Make CoLo network, for equipment which is not mine

I have made a guest VLAN, with only internet access. And a guest Wi-Fi which uses this VLAN. I’m not going to make a CoLo network, as I don’t really need it.

  • Possibly a services network, for things like DNS, NTP, etc

I’m currently using my edge CHR for both DNS and NTP, so I don’t think I need this.


These tasks are completed:

We are planning to install a new underground power cable from the house to the detached garage — and will be putting in a conduit for fiber as well 😃
  • Try to improve the weak spots there were uncovered during my Wi-Fi mapping

I’ve done multiple Wi-Fi improvements, but I have a few more in mind. And I need to redo the measurements — to verify the results.

More closing thoughts

My home network feels a bit “in limbo” at the moment, with the CHR in front of the EdgeRouter. But everything is working as it should 🙂

I will be writing more about setting up CHR in Proxmox — and migrating my network to it, and how I am using it with my ISP (Altibox) fiber.

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