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Reads temperature and controls a fan using a PWM output, fan and alarm set point can be adjusted and is shown on a LCD. Uses an AVR ATmega8 microcontroller.

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The module uses an LM35 sensor for measuring the temperature, it is a pre-calibrated IC with output voltage linearly-proportional to the Centigrade temperature. This is read directly by the internal AVR ADC, and turned into actual degrees with a simple calculation.

The fan is powered by an PWM output, giving it variable speed. Set points for the fan and alarm can be adjusted and is saved to EEPROM.

When the temperature reaches the set point; the fan will start on speed 1. After 30 seconds the speed is increased to level 2, unless the temperature has dropped below the set point. If the temperature rises above the set point speed is set to level 3, which is the maximum.

The alarm is triggered if the temperature is equal to the alarm set point for more than 30 seconds. It is possible to override the fan with the override switch, or with an external signal. When overridden the fan speed is increased by 2, meaning if 0 then 2, or if 1 or 2 then 3.

Set points

Two values are stored in EEPROM; fan and alarm set point. These are non-volatile, meaning that they are not lost if the module is without power.

Set points are saved to the EEPROM about five minutes after they have been changed, to avoid unnecessary writes. When values are changed but not yet saved; a E is displayed in the right corner if the LCD. The set points is adjusted using the (on)-off-(on) switches, one degree at the time.

Original purpose

The controller was originally built for the rack box project:

FTU regulates the temperature in the Rack box. The module is equipped with a LM35 temperature sensor, installed in the top of the Rack box were it’s warmest. A 80x80 mm fan is also mounted at the top of the box.

The air intake is at the bottom and sucks air from outside the entire closet. This gives good air circulation in the Rack box. The fan is controlled using PWM, giving the fan variable speed. It’s divided into three levels: 1: 1/3, 2: 2/3, 3: full.


The fan controller can be seen at 0:45

  • Starting the fan using the override switch
  • Adjusting fan set temp
  • Setting alarm set point below current temperature
    • After 30 seconds the temperature alarm is triggered
    • Setting the alarm set point back to its original value



  • PB3 Fan set temp +
  • PB4 Fan set temp -
  • PB6 Alarm set temp +
  • PB7 Alarm set temp -
  • PB5 Override fan switch
  • PC0 Temperature (Analog)



ADC × 5
------- ≈ °C ± 0.5


D-Sub 9-pin

  1. 0V
  2. +5V
  3. Life-signal
  4. Fan
  5. Temp alarm
  6. LCD background light switch
  7. Override fan switch

Front panel


  • (on)-off-(on), fan temp +/-
  • (on)-off-(on), alarm temp +/-
  • on-off, override fan
  • on-off, background light LCD display


  • Green, Life-signal
  • Green with lens, fan active
  • Red with lens, temp alarm

LCD Display

Below are the different messages and statuses shown on the LCD display.

25C F:30C A:30C*
Fan & Temp Unit!
SW v.2.0
System start =)

Source code


Testing LCD display
Cutouts in plastic enclosure
Mounting and wiring LEDs, switches and connector
Circuit board
Testing module during assembly
Testing the LM35 temperature sensor
Fan controller mounted in the rack box
Fan controller in the rack box
Fan controller in the rack box
Fan controller in the rack box

Schematic drawing

Schematics for the fan controller

Parts used

  • 1 × AVR ATmega8-16PU, DIL-28, 16 MHz, 23 I/Os
  • 1 × Capacitor, aluminium electrolytic, 10 µF, 25V
  • 1 × Capacitor, ceramic, 1 nF, 100V
  • 1 × D-sub soldering cups, 9 pin female
  • 1 × DIL socket, 28-pin, 7.62mm
  • 1 × Enclosure, plastic (1591 FL), 150x80x50mm, flange
  • 1 × LCD display, dot matrix, 16x2, LED green
  • 1 × LED 5mm clear, Green, 2.1V, 20mA, 385mcd, 6°
  • 1 × LED 5mm clear, Red, 2.0V, 20mA, 140mcd, 6°
  • 1 × LED 5mm coloured clear, Green, 2.1V, 20mA, 30mcd, 10°
  • 1 × LED holder 5mm, RTC51, black plastic
  • 1 × LED lens 5mm, CLF 280, Green
  • 1 × LED lens 5mm, CLF 280, Red
  • 32 cm2 PCB, stripboard, 100x160mm, 160cm2
  • 8 × Resistor, carbon film, 0.25W, 330 Ω, 5%
  • 4 × Resistor, carbon film, 0.25W, 4.7 kΩ, 5%
  • 5 × Resistor, carbon film, 0.25W, 10 kΩ, 5%
  • 18 × Straight pin header, female, Single row, 2.54mm
  • 18 × Straight pin header, male, Single row, 2.54mm
  • 2 × Switch, toggle, 1-pole, micro, (on)-off-(on)
  • 2 × Switch, toggle, 1-pole, micro, on-on
  • 1 × Temperature sensor LM35DZ, 0 to +100 °C, +-0,6 °C
  • 3 × Transistor, NPN, 100 mA, 45V, 0.5W, BC547B
  • 1 × Trimmer, carbon, 10 kΩ, horizontal

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