Running three CAT6 cables to the living room TV bench

Ever since we bought the house, last year, I’ve been planning to run wired network to the living room TV and media center — it’s time to finally get that done 🙂

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Running two CAT6 cables to the play room

We recently got a family computer in our play room, and it of course needs network. So I ran a 20 mm conduit from the basement, through the kitchen, to the play room, and pulled two CAT6 cables.

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Running underground CAT6 to detached garage

I dug a 10 meter trench to get wired network to my detached garage. Then installed a rack cabinet and PoE switch. Here is the build log 👇

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My home Ethernet wiring

Home network, screen shot from the Unifi controller

When we bought our house last year; it had lots of coax and telephone outlets, with conduit in the wall connecting them. I have no use for these outlets, but the wall boxes and conduits can be repurposed for Ethernet cables 🙂

All Ethernet cables goes to the patch panel in my home office.

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