My electronics lab is the magical place where my electronics projects are born.

On the bench


  • Power supplies
    • PeakTech 6225, 150W 30VDC
    • Aim-TTi EL-302RT, 130W 30VDC
  • Digital multimeter, Keysight 34461A
  • Function generator, Rigol DG1022Z
  • Oscilloscope, GW Instek GDS-2062
  • Stereo microscope, AmScope SE400-Z


  • Weller soldering station WSD 81i
    • Weller soldering iron WP65, holder WDH10
  • Soldering wire 0.5mm, Sn60/Pb40, HS 10 (2.5%)
  • Fume extraction arm, Metcal Omniflex EA1122
    • Backward centrifugal extractor, RK 125L


  • Work lamp, IKEA Tertial, 1500 lm
  • Magnifying lamp, Anslut, 900 lm
  • ESD protection, mat and wrist strap