In 2021 I wrote 69 blog posts, which is an all time record for me. In 2022 — I’m going to try and keep it going 🙂

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It’s been one year since I last switched blogging platform; this time to Hugo. I’ve used a bunch of platforms over the years, which I have written about. But here is a quick recap:

  • 2006 WordPress
  • 2007 MediaWiki
  • 2015 self-made, with Laravel
  • 2018 Jekyll
  • 2018 Ghost
  • 2018 Platform hunting
    • Wiki.js
    • DokuWiki
    • Bookstack
    • Grav
  • 2019 Hugo
  • 2019 MediaWiki
  • 2021 Hugo

Writing process

This last year — I’ve managed to write consistently. I think the key is not that I finally found a platform that suites all of my needs — but that I changed the way I think about writing.

I used to view it as a chore, something that didn’t benefit me, just something I had to do once I finished a project. That doesn’t make the writing process very enjoyable.

I’ve since realized that I write not primarily for my audience, but for myself. Documenting a project is a really nice way of cementing the knowledge I’ve gained.

And any holes in my understanding of a topic, quickly becomes apparent when trying to write about it.

Website traffic

Website traffic — last 12 months

During the last year, I’ve seen the traffic steadily increase. And even had a post blow up big time on Reddit. This is also very rewarding of course.

Posts vs. year

Posts vs. year — 2004 -> 2021

2021 really stands out with regards to published posts 🙂

Ending thoughts

So is Hugo the ultimate blogging platform? Maybe, but I think that is beside the point. Hugo works well, and most importantly — it doesn’t get in my way.

So what changed then? Why do I write consistently now, when I didn’t before? Me — I changed. From someone that doesn’t write — into someone that does write. And the more I write, the more I enjoy the process and see the benefits of being a person that writes.

My new year resolution for 2022 is simple; continue to be a person that writes.


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