I recently got a Namron Zigbee dimmer for our kitchen counter LED strip. It claimed to be compatible with the Philips Hue bridge, and it was 😃

I first wired it temporarily to the LED strip, to see how it worked — both the actual dimming and the integration with the Philips Hue bridge.

It’s important that the LED light and dimmer are compatible, meaning that they have the same dimming technology. In my case both used trailing edge dimming.
Temporary testing the dimmer

Pairing the device in the Philips Hue app was easy. It started in “pairing-mode” when first powered up, and was found and added in the app without any issues.

The dimmer has a function to set the minimum light level. I found that the LED strip started to flicker if I went below 45-50%, so I set the minimum light level at 50%. This is done by clicking and holding a small button on the device.

After a few days of testing I got an electrician to install it permanently.

Installing the dimmer

The dimmer has a height of 20.3 mm, and fits behind a standard Elko switch.

Dimmer behind Elko switch

It’s possible to connect an impulse switch to the dimmer. We used a standard Elko switch, with a spring. This allows us to control the lights locally.

Or from the Hue app of course 😄

It works great, and the usage of both the Hue app and a regular switch is nice.

When turning on, the previous light level is restored — also when using the switch.

Screenshot from the Hue app

In the app it says that the device is not updatable, but in the user manual it states:

The device supports firmware updating through OTA, and will acquire new firmware from Zigbee controller or hub every 10 minutes automatically.

I’m not entirely sure that this means, I just hope it doesn’t stop working in the Hue app at some point.

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