Our house has a small, two-room basement. Both rooms are 10 m² and the innermost room is my home office. I recently installed three more Philips Hue lights in the stairway and first basement room; downlights with GU10 sockets.

First — let’s go down and have a look from the home office, towards the stairs.

The difference

The images below are all taken with the same camera settings:

  • Aperture: ƒ/11
  • Shutter speed: 1/6
  • ISO setting: 800
Without the new lights turned on
Warm light
Cold light
Dimmed light
Nighttime lights (red)

It’s really quite remarkable how much bigger a room looks when there are no dark corners.

The lamps

The lamps I installed are meant for outdoor use, and have a GU10 socket.

Under the basement stairs
Next to basement stairs
Lower part of basement stairway
Closeup of the lamp

Nighttime light

To match the nighttime lights in the home office — I’ve also made a red scene for the rest of the basement and stairway.

Home office nighttime lights
First room red dimmed lights (ƒ/11, 1s, ISO800)
Red ceiling and stairway lights (ƒ/11, 1s, ISO800)
Red light at the top of the basement stairway (ƒ/11, 1s, ISO800)

Future plans

I’m planning to paint the basement stairs, and fix the stairway. But it’s pretty far down on my to-do list at the moment…

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