Altibox fiber — straight into Ubiquiti EdgeRouter

Back in August I wrote about connecting my ISP (Altibox) fiber straight into the Mikrotik CCR1009. I’ve since decided not to include the CCR in my network stack, but instead use my EdgeRouter 4 as, well — the edge router, and VyOS to route the local networks.

So I moved the SFP module and fiber from the CCR — to the EdgeRouter 4 👇

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Altibox fiber — straight into Mikrotik CCR1009

Ever since I got the fiber installed last year, the plan has been to drop the ISP box and plug it straight into my router. That’s why I had the fiber terminated in my patch panel.

I’ve been reluctant to do it, since messing with the internet needs to be done while the rest of the house is sleeping. And I was unsure what SFP module to use. I did buy the Ubiquiti UF-SM-1G-S pair, planning to use it with my EdgeRouter.

But I ended up using the SFP module that came with the ISP box, and my new MikroTik CCR1009.

The swap was super easy and only took a few minutes 😃

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Fiber in the patch panel

I have two fiber cables in my patch panel — a single-mode simplex SC from my ISP, and a multi-mode duplex LC for 10 GbE network to my desktop computer.

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