Turning Hugo aliases into AWS S3 redirects

I’m hosting this blog on AWS S3 and Cloudfront. One disadvantage with S3 is that it doesn’t have a simple way of creating redirects — like Netlify, Firebase, or even Nginx.

But there is way; using the AWS CLI, put-object, and the x-amz-website-redirect-location metadata.

Here’s how 👇

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Reddit traffic spike and website performance

On Tuesday August 24th I posted a link to my Running underground CAT6 to detached garage post on the r/homelab subreddit. The Reddit post got lots of upvotes and comments — and started climbing on the r/homelab front page.

This generated a spike of traffic like I have never gotten before. In this post I’m going through some numbers; like performance, traffic and cost.

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Adding security headers with AWS Lambda@Edge

I’m adding security headers to my S3 and CloudFront hosted website — using Lambda@Edge. It’s pretty easy, here is how 👇

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Deploying this Hugo blog to AWS S3

This blog is built with Hugo — an open-source static site generator. Static websites require no server side processing, which makes them easier to host and opens up new hosting possibilities.

There are many options out there, but I deploy my website to AWS S3, using CloudFront to distribute it globally (aka. make it fast).

Here is the why and the how.

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URL redirection with AWS Lambda@Edge

I recently (finally) finished moving all articles from my old wiki — to this blog. Once that was done I needed to forward all URLs to their new location.

My site is hosted with AWS CloudFront, so I made a simple redirect function and deployed it to AWS Lambda@Edge.

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