While looking in the manual for our garage door opener; trying to figure out how to adjust it. I noticed it had a couple of interesting I/O terminals. 24VDC LED strobe — I love LED strobes!

We have the Lift Master LM100EVS, which have the following I/O terminals:

  1. Multi-function door control (78EV)
  2. Push button
  3. Push button / security beam
  4. Security beam
  5. Door-in-door interlock
  6. Door-in-door interlock
  7. 24VDC LED strobe +
  8. 24VDC LED strobe ÷
I/O terminals on our garage door opener

Looking in the product catalogue, they do sell a LED strobe — FLA1-LED:

FLA1-LED, from the Lift Master product catalogue

And it just connects directly to I/O terminal 6 and 7:

Wiring diagram, from FLA1-LED user manual

I first measured the output, verifying that it was 24V when the motor is running. Next I went through my box of strobe lights, found a suitable 24V LED light, wired it to pin 6 and 7 — and voila:

Very useful indeed :nerd:

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