I’ve used this case a lot over the years — I first got one back in 2011, for my first rack mountable server. At the most, I had four of these in my homelab rack. They were relatively cheap, and easy to get.

Over the years I’ve sold most of them off, replacing them with Inter-Tech 4U-4129-N and 4U-4416. And my desktop computer have moved out of the server rack and into a regular desktop case.

Table of contents
Four EYE-4808BK server cases in homelab rack


4U, 528mm
Form factor
Image & Shapetek Co.
Drive bays (mounting options)
8 × 5.25" external
Fan mounting options
1 × 80mm, back


What I like

  • Quite cheap
  • Able to fit two 5×3.5" disk bays
  • Comes with a “cross beam” to hold expansion cards in place
  • Build quality feels nice

What I don’t like

  • No 3.5" mounting options
  • Only one 80mm fan


There really isn’t a lot to say here… You can fit one 80mm fan in the back. There is enough space for two 120mm fans in the front, one on each site, but you need a fan mount or disk bay with fan. I ended up with the latter.

More photos

Empty inside
Two 5.25" bays, front USB panel on the left
Noctua fan and power supply installed
SSD on 5.25" adapter
Case with server
Bays with front USB panel and SSD
Case mounted in homelab rack
Two 2×3.5" disk bays, with 120mm fans
Back of case
Empty inside with "cross beam"
Two 2×3.5" disk bays

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