Inter-Tech 4U-4408 server case

I’ve got yet another Inter-Tech rack mountable server case. I really wanted a few hot swappable disk bays in the front, and buying two removable 4-drive backplanes were more expensive than getting a new case 😮

So I sold the 4U-4129-N and moved Alpha into this case instead 🙂

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The mysterious 6-pin fan header on my Inter-Tech server cases

I get emails from readers every now and then — but no topic has caused more interest than the 6-pin fan header on my two Inter-Tech server cases, 4U-4416 and 4U-4129-N.

Perhaps for good reason, it allows for the internal 120 mm fans to be PWM controlled. But is completely undocumented! Let’s have a closer look 😃

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Inter-Tech 4U-4416 server case

I was quite happy with the previous Inter-Tech case I got, so I decided to get another. This time I got a rack mountable storage case, with 16 hot swap bays, for my file server Zeta. More thoughts and photos!

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Inter-Tech 4U-4129-N server case

I recently got a new rack mountable case from Inter-Tech — it was surprisingly cheap 😃 This is going to be the new server case for my hypervisor Alpha. Here are my thoughts, and some photos.

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