Creating a series taxonomy in Hugo

I like the concept of blog post series — a large topic or project, broken up in smaller pieces. Easier to write, easier to read.

Here is how I implemented a series taxonomy in Hugo 👇

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Video solutions for this blog

I’m not a big fan of embedding YouTube videos, it adds a lot of weight to the page and I have limited control over it. It pulls in all kinds of styles, scripts and fonts from multiple domains. YouTube has a nocookie embed option, which is suppose to be privacy-friendly, but who knows.

So if not YouTube — what then? Vimeo is one option, it costs a few coffees per month. But it has some of the same problems as YouTube, as it also uses an iframe.

So I tried some other solutions.

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Dominant color background on cover images — with Hugo

I recently added a CSS background color to my cover images, using the dominant color from the cover image itself. It is a nice effect, and gives the appearance of faster load time — should the image take some time to complete.

For my transparent cover images; I made the background very opaque, providing a soft touch of color. I think it looks nice 🙂

Here is how I did it. 👇

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Implementing photo gallery posts in Hugo

I’ve been thinking about adding some kind of photo implementation on this blog since I first set it up. I didn’t really know what I wanted, or how I wanted to use it - so I’ve been putting it off.

The last couple of weeks I’ve been more interested in photography, even borrowed a macro lens to see if that is something I enjoyed (it was 👍)

It’s time to tackle the photo implementation!

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Static comments using the Github API

When moving my website back from MediaWiki to Hugo — I again started to think about adding comments. I’ve thought about this before, even tested quite a bit, and written about it.

I didn’t want to add heavy external resources, or compromise my readers privacy. This blog is static, and I’d like the comments to be static as well.

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