Hello again reader; I’ve been AFK for a few months — got fed up with computers and did other things 🙂

Table of contents

What I’ve been doing

I’m a bit like that some times — I sink so much time and effort into certain topics that I get fed up and move on to other things for a while.

The last few months I’ve spent very little time in the home office, in fact — I’ve spent little time on computers and my homelab in general. And it’s been refreshing 🙂

I’ve done some networking projects, and started playing with Mikrotik’s RouterOS — actually replacing the virtual VyOS I last wrote about, with CHR.

Cloud Hosted Router (CHR) is a RouterOS version intended for running as a virtual machine.

But mostly I’ve been spending quality time with Mona and the kids, vacationing and relaxing, and doing home and garden projects.

Some quick highlights

Bought an espresso machine

Sage espresso machine

Got engaged

Engagement ring
Mona and I, kissing

New Wi-Fi access point on the 2nd floor

Unifi U6 Lite access point

Drank lots of sparkling wine

Two glasses and a bottle of sparkling wine

Built flower boxes for Mona

Flower box with trellis
Octagonal flower box
Simple and clean flower box
Wooden crate with flowers

Developed an interest for quarts watches

Humble collection of quarts watches

What’s next?

I still have some vacation left, and lots of ongoing home projects. Other things on my “to do and document” list:

  • Making some server changes to the homelab
  • Finishing up some network runs
  • Fully utilizing RouterOS as my new virtual edge router
  • Improving the Raspberry Pi DIY alarm system

For updated information on what I’m doing — check out my now and projects pages.

Ending notes

I feel more present in the moment when I’m not heavily invested in my technical hobbies — it takes up a lot of space in my mind. Switching to more manual labor projects every once in a while allows me to clear my head 🙂

Having a simple static website is very useful when it occasionally gets forgotten — it will just continue to chug along. Requiring no complex machinery or expensive services.

Keeping the critical parts of the homelab simple is important, some things just have to work — like internet and DNS. Homelabbing is not fun when something breaks and you’d rather do something else. Keep this in mind when self-hosting services.


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