I used the have the ultrawide monitor on a shelf in front of me, but I wanted it a bit closer and to be able to use the space below the monitor. So instead I used some scrap wood, a cheap VESA mount I had, and the brackets for the shelf to make it “float”.

This turned out pretty good, as it;

  • Freed up space below
  • Got the monitor closer
  • Looks neat
  • Got rid of the shelf what was just collecting dust and junk

I glued and screwed two two-by-fours together, the top one being slightly shorter — to leave space for some Hue lights. I mounted these on two shelf brackets.

I secured the two-by-fours with heavy-duty zip-ties in the back, to prevent the heavy monitor toppling everything over.

I then mounted a VEGA bracket in the center of the two-by-fours…

Hung the monitor in place and tightened the fastening screws.

Sweet 👍 The monitor is floating!

Time for the lights — I placed two Philips Hue Bloom lights, one on either side, pointed outward.

Pretty happy with how that turned out 😃 The two Bloom lights, together with the LED-strip behind the desk gave a nice lighting effect.

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