Comments — again

Screenshot from the Isso website

Comments. I’ve written about them before, two times — but here we go again.

Long story short; I’ve spent some time thinking about adding comments, and think it might be time to give it another try. Why now? As my traffic numbers have gone up, so has the emails from readers. I don’t get a lot — by any measure, but I do get some with very good insight about the post.

I’d like to share that knowledge, but reworking it into the article is not always so easy. With a comment section; they could be put on display 🙂

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Building and deploying Hugo staging and production to Nginx

I am building my Hugo website on a local LXC container, using Gitea and Drone. There are plenty of tutorials on how to connected those two together, so I won’t go through that here.

Instead I want to show you how I build and deploy my staging and production environment to Nginx — using atomic deployments and unique preview URLs.

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Output Hugo aliases as a Nginx map file

In my previous post I wrote about turning Hugo aliases into Firebase redirects. Now — let’s convert them into a Nginx map file, and have Nginx redirect based on that file.

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