You can get burner like functionality in ProtonMail by using a custom sieve filter, and catch-all email — here is how.

Our custom sieve filter will:

  • Only filter email for the catch-all/burner domain
  • Discard emails sent to an blocked aliases
  • Move incoming emails to a “Catch-all” folder, and mark them as read — unless the recipient alias is in the allow list
The domain, in this example, must have catch-all enabled.
require ["fileinto", "imap4flags", "extlists"];

if address :domain "to" ""

  ## Blocked aliases
  if anyof(
      address :localpart "to" "facebook",
      address :localpart "to" "twitter"

  ## Accepted recipients
  elsif not anyof(
      address :localpart "to" "reddit",
      address :localpart "to" "me"
    addflag "\\Seen";
    fileinto "Catch-all";

Note that emails sent to both a blocked and accepted recipient; will be discarded because of the first check.

Okey, so the filter above does the following:

  • Permanently deletes email sent to and
  • Move all emails NOT sent to or into the folder Catch-all and mark them read

There are plenty of services out here that does this more elegantly, like:

But for me the sieve filter solution works good enough, and lets me keep all my emails within ProtonMail.

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