My nephew, and my twin boys, both have a Ikea play kitchen. It’s a pretty cool toy, with a microwave, oven, sink, cabinets and hot plates. The plates have LEDs so they turn red when turned on, just to make it a bit more real. But the play kitchen is even greater with some lights!

My nephew's IKEA kitchen, with LEDs
My nephew’s IKEA kitchen, with LEDs

All kitchens have lights under the cabinets, so why shouldn’t this? I used a cheap LED-strip from eBay and fastened it using the adhesive on the back. I soldered a female power jack so that it could easily be connected to an AC adapter. The strip is 12 V, but I thought it just turned out a bit too bright, so I used a 9 V AC adapter instead.

Here are the parts I used:

  • 1 × AC adapter, 9 V=, 440 mA, 2.1mm jack, SMPS
  • 2 × Cable tie mount, screw, 5.1 mm, White
  • 0.6 m LED strip, SMD5630, Neutral white, 12V, 4200k, 30lm/LED
  • 1 × Power jack, w/wire, female, 2.1mm x 5.5mm
  • 2 m Wire, stranded, 2-cores, PVC, 0.33mm2 (22 AWG), Red/Black

I made another

On my boys’ play kitchen I’ve used a strip with a bit warmer color, and they also have lights inside the “microwave”. And a switch to control the lights, but this is a bit annoying at times; as they play with it. So maybe consider if you need a switch, or if it should be out of reach for the kids 😛

My twin's IKEA kitchen, with LEDs
My twin’s IKEA kitchen, with LEDs