Interfacing Komfovent C6 in Home Assistant

We recently got balanced ventilation installed, and discovered that our ventilation unit has Modbus TCP/IP support. I even found a thread on the Home Assistant community talking about interfacing the C6 controller, which our unit has, into Home Assistant 😃

Here is my implementation 👇

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DAKboard external data — using Home Assistant

Earlier this year I put up a Raspberry Pi powered DAKboard display. It shows photos from our Google Photos albums, the time and weather, and most importantly; our shared calendar.

But I’d like it to show some custom data as well — like indoor temperature and humidity. And the measured outdoor temperature, not just the one reported from the weather service.

Here is how I did that — using Home Assistant 👇

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Raspberry Pi DAKboard display

My girlfriend wanted a digital calendar on the kitchen wall; I made one with a 24" monitor, a Raspberry Pi and DAKboard.

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